[webkit-qt] memory leak on wave.google.com?

Heinz Wiesinger HMWiesinger at liwjatan.at
Wed Apr 14 04:55:22 PDT 2010

On Friday 26 March 2010 14:05:50 Zoltan Herczeg wrote:
> > ext Zoltan Herczeg wrote:
> >> might be a problem with the garbage collector (GC). Recently I helped a
> >> guy, who experienced heavy leaking on linux-64 with QtWebKit. It turned
> >> out later that the GC cannot detect unreferenced objects, and mmaping
> >> new
> >> pages again and again (~512k for each page). Sometimes the same thing
> >> happens on linux-32 as well: he said 1 out of 10 times he saw the same
> >> memory growing.
> > 
> > We see a memory problem when benchmarking as well. The benchmarks ends
> > up using almost 1Gb of memory after loading 50 pages.
> > 
> > Zoltan, could you investigate this issue before the next release?
> Of course. I just need an exact scenario which shows this behaviour. Do
> you have a small example for that?

I finally came around to test this on a newer git snapshot. Memory usage for 
google wave is *way* less than with QtWebKit 4.6.2, almost comparable to 
firefox now, though firefox is still a bit better. But it's one hell of an 
imrovement for me :) (400MB instead of 1GB)

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