[webkit-qt] ogre-webkit-qt crashes when switching javascript to on

Felix Becher zanjyro at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 14 02:11:29 PDT 2010


I have a problem with a very strange side effect. If I use the directX
rendering subsystem from Ogre and I try to load a website with javascript in
the same project the application crashes without an error or any message. I
figured out, that it is only related to the directX render subsystem since
it works with the OpenGL subsystem. But I like to use directX features.
Although it seems to be related to the directX rendering subsystem from ogre
the application crashes while processing javascript.

I'm using MSVC2008 with Windows Vista.

I composed a small test project to play around with and to see the effect.
To run the project you need to install the Ogre 1.7 SDK for MSVC2008 which
can be downloaded at:


If you installed the SDK you either can change the paths of the existing
project or you can set the Variable $(OGRE_HOME) to your OgreSKD directory
and run cmake. I recommend to use the obj folder for cmake output. The cmake
directory should be the input folder. You can download my test example at:


I hope you can help me out with some ideas or code to fix the problem.

Thanks in advance
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