[webkit-jobs] Crank Software WebKit C/C++ Developer

Thomas Fletcher thomas at cranksoftware.com
Mon Feb 6 18:54:30 PST 2012

Come and help us make the world a better place for embedded web browsers and
get a chance to hack on WebKit code for a living.
Our software customers take WebKit and then integrate it as a component in
their products; sometimes it is the only user interface framework on a
particular embedded device and sometimes it is framed by Crank Software's
Storyboard embedded graphics framework, but it is always an interesting
These are the kinds of WebKit challenges we guarantee that you'll be exposed
to working at Crank:
* Embedded Operating Systems: Linux, QNX, WinCE and a few we can't talk
about =;-)
* Specialized Compilers and Toolchains: Who said you needed a vtable pointer
as the first thing in your C++ object?
* Custom JavaScript Extensions:  Dynamically bind in unique JS interfaces
via IDL, code and plugins
* High Performance Renderers: Like OpenGL, but less Open and more GL
* Š As well as optimization, memory footprint tuning and custom test
framework integration
A qualified candidate will:
* Have a strong C++ background: Knowing when to use the "virtual" keyword
and when not may be one of the first things we ask
* Understand how operating systems and software tools work behind the
scenes.  You can't make application memory allocation more efficient if you
can't understand the output of /proc/pid/smaps
* Have experience porting software: The expression "configure, make" rolls
off your tongue as easily as 'good morning' and you get that the difference
between make and cmake isn't just a letter in the alphabet
* Not be intimidated by the unknown:  We spend a lot of time in "other
people's code" more than we ever spend in our own code, that's just how you
learn things
Interested? Send us an e-mail (careers at cranksoftware.com) with your resume
and interests and we can talk about all the cool things Crank customers are
doing with WebKit and our Storyboard Suite!


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