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I would like to post a position with the group.  Can you please post this?

Thank you,

Greg Houser| Qualcomm Staffing
QUALCOMM Incorporated
<http://www.q/>6965 Lusk Blvd
San Diego, CA 92121
858 658-3478 direct
ghouser at qualcomm.com<mailto:ghouser at qualcomm.com>

QCT Multimedia Architecture team is looking for multiple Webkit Development Engineers.  The Multimedia Architecture team is responsible for benchmark analysis at different levels of development        ( e.g., simulation, emulation, post silicon) on internal and external platforms and on silicon performance measurements associated with various standalone and concurrent use cases (across modem,  multimedia, peripheral subsystems etc.,) on various platforms.  They drive architecture exploration and HW acceleration opportunities in various areas.

*         Help the performance team with improving browser performance across chipsets and OSes

*          Identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks

*          Keep up with the web technology landscape (HTML5, CSS, JS etc) and help drive design aspects of Qualcomm CDMA Technology's (QCT) chipsets necessary for supporting these technologies

*         Modify webkit to leverage platform-specific features that could improve performance

*         Work with webkit team to merge changes upstream as needed

Candidate should have 2-3 years of hands on work experience with the following:

*         Experience with WebKit internals (especially layout and rendering, but also other areas such as the loader, cache etc.)

*          Experience with porting webkit to new platforms

*          Experience with development for mobile platforms

*         Ideal candidate would be a contributor to the webkit project

Please apply online at    www.qualcomm.com/careers<http://www.qualcomm.com/careers> and search for job number, G1836125 and apply directly.
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