[webkit-jobs] Safari and WebKit engineer position at Apple

Adele Peterson adele at apple.com
Wed Aug 5 12:16:59 PDT 2009

Hi all,

If anyone is interested in this position, please drop me an email with  
your resumé.


- Adele Peterson


The Safari and WebKit team is responsible for the Safari web browser,  
the fastest browser on Macintosh and Windows. The WebKit Layout team  
is responsible for rendering, layout, HTML editing, and other  
technologies that serve as the foundation for Safari and other WebKit  
applications on Mac OS X, iPhone, and Windows.

As a Safari and WebKit Engineer you will be responsible for enhancing  
and maintaining both the Safari application and the WebKit framework.

Job responsibilities will include:
- analyzing web pages to understand compatibility and performance  
- fixing web page layout and rendering bugs
- adding HTML, CSS, and DOM features as defined by web standards, and  
as requested by web developers
- designing and adding API as needed by Safari, Mail, iChat, and other  
WebKit applications

Required Experience:
* Detailed knowledge of C and C++.
* Some knowledge of HTML and CSS.
* Basic knowledge of Mac OS X, Windows, and web browsers is a must, as  
is comfort with the command line.

Preferred Experience:
* Detailed knowledge of web standards such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript,  
and DOM.
* Detailed knowledge of Objective-C, Xcode, Visual Studio, and Unix  
tools such as cvs, make, and perl
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