[webkit-help] Error When Building Webkit using Xcode

tenghu guo guotenghu at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 07:20:26 PDT 2021

I am building Webkit using Xcode13-beta5 on Mac OS 11.5.2.
The Webkit version is

I had run the two scripts:
1. sudo Tools/Scripts/configure-xcode-for-embedded-development
2.  ./Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --debug --ios-simulator

But I had error:
The following build commands failed:
Ld /Users/teguo/code/WebKit/WebKitBuild/Debug-iphonesimulator/TestWebKitAPI
normal x86_64

I know I need to use proper Xcode for a given Webkit version. Where can I
find the info?
If I want to build Webkit on Mac OS, which Xcode version and Webkit version
should I use?
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