[webkit-help] Wincairo build for 32 bit

Fujii Hironori fujii.hironori at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 14:33:13 PDT 2020

I attached my hacky patch in the ticket. Enjoy!

Your WebKitRequirementsWin32.zip works nicely. Thank you, Don.

On Wed, Jul 22, 2020 at 6:53 PM Thomas Brodt <thomas.brodt.lists at porabo.ch>

> Hi Fujii,
> thanks for your reply! I knew it wouldn't be so easy. Especially as I am
> not a regular C developer that is familiar with all the tools in use in
> WebKit.
> I already found the 32 bit version of the WebKitRequirements is available
> in parallel to the 64 bit version, which is great (thanks Don!) That's why
> I already created bug 210192 a while ago, but since then couldn't go on
> with it.
> When I have some more time than at the moment, I will go ahead and find
> out if I can build my 32bit version.
> You say that currently WinCairo doesn't support 32bit. Is this because of
> some technical reason that makes 32bit impossible, or is it because
> wincairo is going forward in 64bit only, and just nobody cares for a 32bit
> version, which could however be possible?
> Am 17.07.2020 um 23:09 schrieb Fujii Hironori:
> I don't know the "last known good" revision.
> Even though the latest WinCairo doesn't support 32bit version,
> Don publishes WebKitRequirementsWin32.zip every time he releases
> a new WebKitRequirements, and the latest WinCairo is still
> maintaining WebKit1.
> https://github.com/WebKitForWindows/WebKitRequirements/releases/tag/v2020.07.01
> As far as I know, no one has tried WebKitRequirementsWin32.zip.
> But it seems worth to try to you. Good luck.
> -- Fujii
> On Sat, Jul 18, 2020 at 3:02 AM Thomas Brodt <thomas.brodt.lists at porabo.ch>
> wrote:
>> Hi
>> for a legacy project I would need a 32 bit version of the wincairo port.
>> (yes, I know...)
>> Is there a "last known good" version before the switch to 64 bit? Could
>> anyone give me any pointer how to find out? I tried to find it with trac
>> but was unable to.
>> Thanks a lot!
>> Thomas
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