[webkit-help] resource-request-starting and never match

Victor Lucero victor.lucero at ipartner.cl
Sat May 24 15:41:40 PDT 2014

Thnaks Benjamin. 

looking at EFL and knowing that it shares code with WebkitGtk  means Im in the same spot :( my problem is meeting the dependency level to run webkitgtk in the latest version(opdating  gtk in a CentOS box can be a hellish task)

Tnaks anyways and thanks for your time

Best Regards
Victor Lucero.


El 24-05-2014, a las 18:29, Benjamin Poulain <benjamin at webkit.org> escribió:

> In theory yes, in practice nobody is doing it.
> To do anything, the WebKit engine needs to be between two layers:
> -Below WebKit, there is a platform layer that does all the platform
> interaction (network, IO, threading, rendering, multimedia handling, etc).
> -Above WebKit, there is a GUI layer that does all the native UI for the
> engine (handling views, windows, dialogs, etc).
> On OS X and iOS, WebKit is completely independent from Safari. The
> bottom layer is composed by the core frameworks of the system
> (CFNetwork, CoreAnimation, CoreGraphics, etc). The upper layer is done
> by Cocoa (OS X) or Cocoa Touch (iOS).
> On Linux, there is no canonical libraries for either layers. The two
> Linux ports of WebKit are GTK and EFL. Each port maintains its platform
> layer and UI layer together. EFL and GTK share quite a bit of code on
> the platform layer.
> The Qt port of WebKit is no more, it was abandoned due to a lack of
> resources.
> It would be possible to write a Linux port independent of GTL/EFL/Qt
> libraries. This even existed at some point (the Nix port). Nobody does
> that at the moment.
> Benjamin
> On 5/24/14, 3:05 PM, Victor Lucero wrote:
>> Oh. im sorry. so insted if you allow me to ask something directly in
>> relation with webkit.
>> can i use the webkit api directly wihtout the need of safari, gtk3 or
>> qt?
>> I mean. Is the webkitapi is exposed directly in some way so I can use
>> it without depending of gtk,qt or any other gui api?
>> Best regards. Victor Lucero.
>> El 23-05-2014, a las 18:56, Benjamin Poulain <benjamin at webkit.org>
>> escribió:
>>> Hi Victor,
>>> On 5/23/14, 3:24 PM, Victor Lucero wrote:
>>>> Hi. Im used webkit throught 1.8.3 to webkitgtk3-2.2.7
>>>> and the signal resource-request-starting never match the amount
>>>> of resource-resource-load-finished like there are resources that
>>>> arent reported as finished.
>>>> I also attach events to soupsesion to see every request but they
>>>> never match, and the diference is very big.
>>>> just tested a regular site and resource-request-starting reported
>>>> 96 elements but of those only 65 reported
>>>> resource-resource-load-finished(the elements reported trought the
>>>> soupsession almot match the ones reported via
>>>> resource-request-starting )
>>>> I tested a lot of sites and the number are always like this.
>>>> I also tried to attach events to the soupmessage that comes
>>>> trought the signal "resource-request-starting" but i was looking
>>>> at the rource and looks like webkitgtk just use it as reference
>>>> using "updateFromSoupMessage".
>>>> can you guideme to a way to know all the elements that finished
>>>> loading ?
>>> This is a webkit-gtk question, you will have better luck on the
>>> WebKit-GTK mailing list
>>> (https://lists.webkit.org/mailman/listinfo/webkit-gtk).
>>> Benjamin
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