[webkit-help] Memory usage is up 60%

Benjamin Poulain benjamin at webkit.org
Mon May 5 18:38:50 PDT 2014

On 5/5/14, 6:31 PM, Luc R. wrote:
> Question on memory usage.
> I am using WinCairo port, and I have recently updated the codebase from
> about 2 years old one. I am running an automation with multiple
> instances of WebKit running in parallel, and each instance is processing
> a list of URLs (until crashes, then it's restarted).
> I noticed that memory usage on the new codebase is about 60% higher! I
> don't see substantial differences in the output (which is pretty much
> outerHTML) and processing speed is about the same.
> Does anyone have ideas, which feature could have added such a
> significant increase of memory usage? I would be interested to look into
> details of how to reduce that back to normal.

WebKit is becoming a lot better at using memory efficiently to improve 
the runtime performance. It could simply be better use of the ram.

You should try to wiring the MemoryPressureHandler with your system, and 
see if that makes a difference.


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