[webkit-help] Memory usage is up 60%

Luc R. wkdev911 at gmail.com
Mon May 5 18:31:31 PDT 2014


Question on memory usage.

I am using WinCairo port, and I have recently updated the codebase from
about 2 years old one. I am running an automation with multiple instances
of WebKit running in parallel, and each instance is processing a list of
URLs (until crashes, then it's restarted).

I noticed that memory usage on the new codebase is about 60% higher! I
don't see substantial differences in the output (which is pretty much
outerHTML) and processing speed is about the same.

Does anyone have ideas, which feature could have added such a significant
increase of memory usage? I would be interested to look into details of how
to reduce that back to normal.

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