[webkit-help] Feasibility of updating Safari on Windows

Benjamin Poulain benjamin at webkit.org
Mon Mar 10 14:06:02 PDT 2014


On 3/9/14, 11:39 PM, Kevin Chen wrote:
> I switched to Chrome at work when Safari on Windows was discontinued,
> but I really miss Safari's font smoothing. What really bothers me is
> how ClearType mangles Helvetica.
> I was wondering what the feasibility is of compiling the latest
> WebKit engine and running it in the last available Windows Safari
> (5.1.7), like the nightly builds used to do. Since Windows Safari was
> dropped, has the WebKit code changed enough to make getting it
> running on Windows Safari again unfeasible?

In theory it would be feasible to craft a binary matching the required 
behaviors. In practice, that would require so much work that I don't 
think it is worth it.


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