[webkit-help] Stepping into webkit code in Xcode debugger

Benjamin Poulain benjamin at webkit.org
Wed Jun 18 19:58:44 PDT 2014

On 6/18/14, 7:15 PM, Dan Wood wrote:
> Hi folks, I haven’t been on the WebKit lists for several years!
> I’m trying to track down some weird behavior with our app (Sandvox)
> which makes heavy use of WebKit editing.  Many years ago we used to
> have a TOT build of WebKit that we would link to and embed in our
> app, but for quite a while, we haven’t needed to do that.
> So I’m kind of rusty about getting into the internals of WebKit!
> I would like to be able to run our app in Xcode, and then step into
> Xcode, and have the debugger find the source code to the WebKit,
> WebCore, etc. files.  I’d be OK with either having a version of the
> source code that corresponds to the system-installed framework… or
> what I started was to build webkit, but now I’m not sure what the
> next step is.
> I’ve built webkit with build-webkit --debug and now it’s in my /build
> directory.  (That’s not the build directory where my app and
> supporting frameworks are built; I wasn’t having any luck getting
> set-webkit-configuration to work.)
> Any suggestions for my next step, to get my app’s Xcode workspace to
> recognize my built webkit, and of course link to it?  I assume by
> setting the DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH environment variable to /build/Debug
> since that is where the built WebKit.framework lives.  Is that
> right?

Yep, updating DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH should be enough to link with your 
custom WebKit.

> I’m also a bit stuck because ever since I built WebKit, I’m now
> unable to build my app because for some reason it’s not finding
> <WebKit/WebKit.h> for #import-ing anymore.  Any ideas how the
> building scripts might have messed up the include paths in Xcode?  I
> added a -v to the clang statement and I am seeing this directory in
> the #include <...> search list:
> /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/MacOSX.platform/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.9.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks
> (framework directory)
> And that directory seems fine.  So it’s not clear why WebKit/WebKit.h
> wouldn’t be found any more.
> Any clues that anybody might offer?

That seems unrelated to your build of WebKit, I don't see how building 
your own framework could have messed that up.

Are you still including the WebKit framework in your project?


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