[webkit-help] What is the other WebKit

Benjamin Poulain benjamin at webkit.org
Sat Jan 25 17:39:59 PST 2014

On 1/25/14, 5:07 PM, Sam Hobbs wrote:
> The WebKit .NET <https://sourceforge.net/projects/webkitdotnet> project
> says that it is a wrapper for WebKit, yet Benjamin says that the "WebKit
> .NET" project is completely independent from WebKit. Does anyone know
> what that other WebKit project is?

The name WebKit encompass many things which can be confusing:
-The WebKit project (aka "The WebKit Open Source Project").
-The WebKit framework on Mac and iOS. Those art ports of the WebKit
project for those platform.
-The WebKit and WebKit2 layers: the API layers of the WebKit project.
-The WebKit ports (WebKitEFL, EFLWebKit, WinCairoWebKit, etc).

Popular forks of the WebKit projects are often referred to as WebKit as
well (WebKit .Net, blink, etc).

WebKit on this mailing-list (aka "The WebKit Open Source Project" and
"webkit.org") is the common project aiming at producing the best Web
engine (see the goals here: https://www.webkit.org/projects/goals.html).

Most of the code is platform independent and developed collaboratively
on webkit.org.

The platform-dependent code is abstracted in what we call a port. There
are many ports of WebKit on webkit.org:
-Mac OS X Apple port.
-iOS Apple port.
-Windows Apple port.
-WebKit GTK (port of WebKit for GTK)
-EFL WebKit (port of WebKit for Linux Enlightenment Foundation Library)
-WinCairo port.

There are many other ports outside webkit.org. Most of them are
maintained internally by the company using it (e.g. Blackberry, Sony, etc).


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