[webkit-help] Use of WebKit from C++ in Windows

Sam Hobbs Sam at SimpleSamples.info
Sat Jan 25 17:39:19 PST 2014

Is there a documented library that exists for using Chrome in a Windows 
C++ program that does not require building (compiling) and that requires 
less than a day to become familiar with?

Benjamin recommends Building on Windows 
<http://trac.webkit.org/wiki/BuildingCairoOnWindows> but that requires 
Cygwin  and therefore that cannot be used. I cannot expect other people 
to install Cygwin.

Benjamin also recommends Blink <http://www.chromium.org/blink> but the 
links in that site are broken. 
<http://trac.webkit.org/wiki/BuildingCairoOnWindows>As best as I can 
tell, that site is for developers of Blink, not users (programmers like 
me that just want to use it) of it. If the Public C++ API 
<http://www.chromium.org/blink/public-c-api> is for users then I do not 
see any documentation.
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