[webkit-help] Run LayoutTests with WinCairo port on Windows

Osztrogonác Csaba oszi at inf.u-szeged.hu
Thu Feb 20 02:24:19 PST 2014


Tools/Scripts/run-webkit-tests without parameter is to run layout
tests (with new-run-webkit-tests) for Apple Windows port, not for
WinCairo port.

Additionally run-webkit-tests (NRWT) doesn't support running layout
tests for WinCairo port. (--wincairo option) You might be able run
layout tests with old-run-webkit-tests (ORWT) ... but ORWT and
expected files for WinCairo port aren't maintained nowadays at all.


On 02/20/2014 11:13 AM, 孙玉婷 wrote:
> I want to run layouttests on windows.
> I met errors:
> d:\webkit\Tools\Scripts>pytho
> n run-webkit-tests
> Using port 'win-future'
> Test configuration: <future, x86, release>
> Placing test results in
> D:\webkit\WebKitBuild\Release\bin32\layout-test-results
> Baseline search path: win -> mac-mountainlion -> mac -> generic
> Using Release build
> Pixel tests disabled
> Regular timeout: 35000, slow test timeout: 175000
> Command line: D:\webkit\WebKi
> tBuild\Release\bin32\DumpRenderTree -
> Exception running driver:
> [u'D:\\yusun\\kirin_sfs_dc\\scratch\\DynamicCrawlWK\\w
> ebkit-2014-dev\\WebKitBuild\\Release\\bin32\\DumpRenderTree',
> '--print-supported
> -features'], [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified.
> I think it's system cannot find dumprendertree. The binaries are
> inwebkitbuild\release_wincairo\bin32. How can I point it to this folder
> instead of WebKitBuild\Release folder?

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