[webkit-help] WebKit2, Coordinated Graphics and Texture Mapper

pulkomandy pulkomandy at pulkomandy.tk
Wed Aug 6 00:11:57 PDT 2014

Hello WebKit,

I started working on moving the Haiku port of WebKit to WebKit2.
However, I can't find a combination of options that leads to succesfully
compiling everything.

Maybe you can help me with that. First, let's check if I understand
things right:

- WebKit2 needs COORDINATED_GRAPHICS in order to split the UIProcess
  from the WebProcess.

In preparation for this I have made our WebKit1 port enable the
COORDINATED_GRAPHICS and TEXTURE_MAPPER flags. This works, save for some
clipping issues in our GraphicsContext implementation which I'm still

However, when trying to build WebKit2, I found that it will fail to
build. It seems some code is hardwired to work only with the GL-based
texture mapper. Not having an accelerated OpenGL implementation, we
would like to not use that. It looks like the flag 3D_GRAPHICS should be
used to enable the GL texture mapper (and possibly other things needing
GL), but that flag is not used as it should everywhere, so the GL
texture mapper ends up being used anyway.

Am I correct that adding the appropriate USE(3D_GRAPHICS) guards where
needed will make it possible to build a WebKit2 that doesn't need GL? Is
there a port already doing that? Any other compile flags I should look
at? Is it impossible to do this, and should I try to get GL to work even
if it is software rendered?


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