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Subject: Webkit chops the URL with character "#" ?
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Hi All,
I found issue of processing URL: I create a simple webview and load page from a url string, it works fine for most given urls but not good for  http://money.cnn.com/m/#!/2013/02/06/news/economy/postal-service-cuts.json?category=Latest%20News.if I encode the url as http://money.cnn.com/m%2F%23%21%2F2013%2F02%2F06%2Fnews%2Feconomy%2Fpostal%2Dservice%2Dcuts%2Ejson%3Fcategory%3DLatest%20Newsit will give another error page.I got always the page  http://money.cnn.com/m which is home
 page of the news not the exactly article page. But if I input the full url in any browser(Safari, Firefox, chrome) it works fine.It seams the url been chopped from "#" character by webkit.This happen for both Mac and Linux: I am using the night dump WebKit-r116865, tested with Cocoa application(iMac),  Ubuntu 12.04  GTK. 
Does any one know why?
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