[webkit-help] debug windows build - crash in WebKitCreateInstance

Brian Holt brian.holt at samsung.com
Mon Oct 15 09:30:55 PDT 2012

I'm getting something very similar on my Linux gtk debug build.  Its failing
an ASSERTION in HastTable::add when inserting WTF::String of the plugin
names into the plugin database.  Haven't managed to figure out what the
problem is yet though.


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when launching Safari with a debug build (I build from code cloned 13.10) it
immediately crashes in the first line of WebKitCreateInstance somewhere in
Hashtable in WTF.

Any hint what might cause this? 

Thank you


> >
ClassFactory> >
>,CLSIDHashTraits>::reinsert(WTF::KeyValuePair<_GUID,COMPtr<IClassFactory> >
& entry={...})  Line 953 + 0x51 bytes	C++

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