[webkit-help] debug windows build - crash in WebKitCreateInstance

Frank Huberty ppxnouse at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 09:23:10 PDT 2012


when launching Safari with a debug build (I build from code cloned 13.10) it immediately crashes in the first line of WebKitCreateInstance somewhere in Hashtable in WTF.

Any hint what might cause this? 

Thank you


WebKit.dll!WTF::HashTable<_GUID,WTF::KeyValuePair<_GUID,COMPtr<IClassFactory> >,WTF::KeyValuePairKeyExtractor<WTF::KeyValuePair<_GUID,COMPtr<IClassFactory> > >,CLSIDHash,WTF::HashMapValueTraits<CLSIDHashTraits,WTF::HashTraits<COMPtr<IClassFactory> > >,CLSIDHashTraits>::reinsert(WTF::KeyValuePair<_GUID,COMPtr<IClassFactory> > & entry={...})  Line 953 + 0x51 bytes	C++

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