[webkit-help] tryFastMalloc usage

Fabrice Robinet cmg473 at motorola.com
Tue Mar 27 16:50:24 PDT 2012

Hi group,

In short: I wonder where tryFastMalloc should be used, and what's *really*
implemented in it (or should be).

Longer story:
According to the .cpp, it is supposed to use a cache, which would justify
the "fast" in the function name.

>From FastMalloc.cpp

// A malloc that uses a per-thread cache to satisfy small malloc requests.

// (The time for malloc/free of a small object drops from 300 ns to 50 ns.)

But looking at the current source tryFastMalloc looks to just wrap
malloc. (I just updated Chromium and thus WebCore too...),

I have seen tryFastMalloc used in WebCore code that is not too old (like
so I believe it is not deprecated and *should* be used, so this raises a
couple of questions:

Is current state of tryFastMalloc temporary in the sense that a cache will
be used eventually ?
Did I miss something about this cache in the implementation ?
Are there (updated) guidelines about the usage of tryFastMalloc ?

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