[webkit-help] NPAPI plugin crashes while calling npnfuncs->invoke in GtkLauncher

souvik.datta at wipro.com souvik.datta at wipro.com
Fri Mar 16 00:08:57 PDT 2012

Hello Vanya, 

I absolutely agree with you that we should check for NULL in very function call. But the issue seems to be some where else.
We actually wanted window.content and not window.console. There is a Java script function named "func()" which is present in the html page (i.e, in window.content)
Therefore, Firefox behavior is correct. It is calling the "func" of "window.content".

In GtkLauncher, when I change  "func()" to "log()" and "content" to "console", it is working fine. But moment, I change the "console" to "content" and "log" to "func"
it throws segmentation fault. I have found that in case of "content", NPObject* console is found to be NULL. Here is the code snippet:

id = npnfuncs->getstringidentifier("content");  
npnfuncs->getproperty(npp_, window, id, &consoleVar);
console = NPVARIANT_TO_OBJECT(consoleVar);

The segmentation fault is happening because I am passing NPObject pointer i.,e console (which is NULL in  this case) to:
  err = npnfuncs->invoke(npp_, console, id, args_temp,
             sizeof(args_temp) / sizeof(args_temp[0]),

Can you please tell me what could be the reason which is causing Webkit to not recognize "window.content"?


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Seems like gmail doesn't auto-cc mailing lists when replying. Sad :(

>  char* message = (char *)"Hello from wcfplugin......";
>  // Get window object.
>  err = npnfuncs->getvalue(npp_, NPNVWindowNPObject, &window);
>  printf("getvalue:err:%d\n",err);

So far, so good. But the error check is missing.

>  // Get console object.
>  id = npnfuncs->getstringidentifier("content");
>  err = npnfuncs->getproperty(npp_, window, id, &consoleVar);
>  printf("getproperty:err:%d\n",err);

I see that your intention is to get "window.console", but you actually
get "window.content". I think, now your err is NPERR_GENERIC_ERROR and
your consoleVar has some random (or 0) value. I'm surprised, why you
need a printf here if you didn't even checked its output.

And since there is no error check (again!), you can't do the next:

>  NPObject* console = NPVARIANT_TO_OBJECT(consoleVar);

Now you have a pointer to some random location (or just a null pointer).

>  id = npnfuncs->getstringidentifier("func");

Does console object really has "func" function? You might want to call
console.log("some message").

>  err = npnfuncs->invoke(npp_, console, id, args_temp,
>             sizeof(args_temp) / sizeof(args_temp[0]),
>             &voidResponse);

No surprise that this will crash a browser. Don't know how it doesn't
crash in Firefox. Maybe you're lucky :)

Crash happens here:

211         if (o->_class == NPScriptObjectClass) {

So it might be a webkit fault that it doesn't check if your pointer is
null, but you shouldn't pass it in the first place.

When I change "content" to "console" and "func" to "log", I see a nice
console message:

** Message: console message:  @0: Hello from wcfplugin......

Error checking is important. Be more attentive next time.

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