[webkit-help] Help needed with Building Webkit on MAC, Xcode 4.3

sm webkit smwebkit at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 13:37:53 PST 2012

Hi All,
I am new to the forum and I am trying to build webkit and running into
I am using MAC OSX 10.7.3

Here are the steps that I taken so far:
1. Downloaded and installed Xcode 4.3 through the app store - no errors.
2. Downloaded and Installed Java Developer 2012-001 11M3616.dmg - no errors.
3. ran "svn checkout http://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk WebKit"
- Ended with "Checked out revision 110175" - no errors.
4. ran ./build-webkit from within webkit/tools/scripts - this ended with
following errors:

 Ld "/Users/sm/Documents/SM/webkit 2/Source/WebKit2/build/Release/jsc"
normal x86_64
    cd /Users/sm/WebKit/Source/JavaScriptCore
    /Developer/usr/bin/g++-4.2 -arch x86_64
"-L/Users/sm/Documents/SM/webkit 2/Source/WebKit2/build/Release"
"-F/Users/sm/Documents/SM/webkit 2/Source/WebKit2/build/Release" -filelist
-Xlinker --no-demangle -mmacosx-version-min=10.7 -dead_strip -framework
JavaScriptCore -ledit -o "/Users/sm/Documents/SM/webkit

Undefined symbols:

referenced from:
      __ZN12GlobalObject6s_infoE in jsc.o

referenced from:
      __ZN12GlobalObject6s_infoE in jsc.o


Can some please help resolve the above errors?

A few other questions:
Can I use XCode 4.3 to build a debug version of Webkit ?
1. I opened the project i.e webkit/source/webkit/WebKit.xcodeproj in XCode
2. Then from XCode Menu chose Product>Build and it failed with errors:
make: *** No rule to make target
needed by `all'.  Stop.
Command /bin/sh failed with exit code 2

I read through the documentation at :
But the following is not very clear to me:
Each WebKit component -- JavaScriptCore, WebCore, and WebKit2 -- contains
its own Xcode project that depends on the build location specified in the
project itself. In Xcode 4, choose Xcode > Preferences > Locations, click
Locations, click the Advanced button, and ensure that the build location is
Locations Specified by Targets.

What is the locations Specified by Target? where can I find this location?

Also is there a particular order in which Webkit is built in XCode for
instance first Webore, then Javascript then..etc.

My Final goal is to be able to build Webkit completely from the source and
then step through the code in Debug mode before I even start writing any

Please help
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