[webkit-help] Webkit GTK on DirectFB

ZhuJiang Tao zjtnew at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 8 00:43:46 PDT 2012

Maybe this is a old question, but I had searched on mail-list archives, still has no answers even there are some similar questions. 
My target is build WebApp by webkit run under embedded system with ARM CPU. Basically I want to use Webkit + GTK + DFB. But currently version of WebkitGTK already can not build successful with target=DirectFB. It will report X window related header file required. Someone said that is because of NPAPI and need to change code by hand. I also found a project WebkitDFB which is webkit under DirectFB. But I afraid it’s difficult to create UI only under DirectFB.
So, my question is:
1.    Is Webkit + GTK + DFB workable? Or which old version is suit for my requirement?
2.    If it doesn’t work, which solution of Webkit is suit for embedded system? 
Any suggestion is welcome! Thanks!
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