[webkit-help] Xcode won't stop at break points when running Webkit workspace.

Edward Hernandez hernandezed at comcast.net
Sun Jul 29 19:55:21 PDT 2012

Xcode won't stop at break points when running the downloaded xcode workspace.

I downloaded the webkit source tree and compile the entire Webkit Project.

I followed the directions in the webkit.org for debugging which essentially just wants you to use a local directory for you targets.

The text reads.

To debug from within Xcode, you can use the WebKit workspace. Ensure that the Products and Intermediates locations for the workspace match those used by build-webkit by choosing File > Workspace Settings and clicking the Advanced button, selecting Custom, Relative to Workspace, and entering WebKitBuild both for Products and for Intermediates. Note that if you have specified a custom build location in Xcode preferences, then you don’t need to do this.

Nothing has been changed from the download so I do as stated above and enter character for character "WebKitBuild".
I folder is created called "webKitBuild"

I put a break point in the renderObject contractor along with a printf("I should Break here\");

When I run the program safari pops up and the console gets flooded with the "I should break here" message but xcode doesn't break.

It seems that the instructions for debugging are incomplete and there is more to it than this. It seems like I have to do something in the build settings.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Ed -

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