[webkit-help] New Crash in 10.8 JavaScriptCore

Brian Barnes ggadwa at charter.net
Sat Jul 28 19:22:40 PDT 2012

When I recompiled and ran my code in 10.8 (which works from 10.5 on up) I get a crash in JavaScriptCore that I never got before:

1   0x92ec50d5 JSC::CodeBlock::~CodeBlock()
2   0x92ec4e88 JSC::FunctionCodeBlock::~FunctionCodeBlock()
3   0x92fcc9b0 JSC::FunctionExecutable::clearCode()
4   0x92fd2e00 JSC::Heap::FinalizerOwner::finalize(JSC::Handle<JSC::Unknown>, void*)
5   0x930b7b5f JSC::WeakBlock::finalizeAll()
6   0x930b7e48 JSC::WeakSet::finalizeAll()
7   0x92fd17bc JSC::Heap::lastChanceToFinalize()
8   0x92f14cda JSC::JSGlobalData::~JSGlobalData()
9   0x92ff8600 JSContextGroupRelease

If anybody could point me to what has possibly changed and where to begin looking (I have an lot of code that calls into the JSC) it would be helpful.  It's quite possible this is something I've been doing wrong for a couple of years, but this seems relatively new.

I can recreate this every time if Apple would like a test case.

[>] Brian
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