[webkit-help] [JSC] debugger help

Rolando Abarca m at rolando.cl
Mon Jan 30 10:27:10 PST 2012


I'm implementing a very simple debugger (looking at
WebCore/ScriptDebugServer) to be able to debug scripts when embedding JSC.
So far so good, but I have a question: who is actually
calling didReachBreakpoint ? I'm asking this because from what I can see,
the script debug server is implementing the Debugger interface, but it's
also checking if there's a breakpoint set on every callEvent, atStatement,
returnEvent call... And looking at the code, the only one that seems to be
calling didReachBreakpoint is the interpreter, so my question is: what is
the right way to set breakpoints? or even better: is there documentation
regarding the debug implementation on webkit?

Rolando Abarca M.
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