[webkit-help] JSC: Compiling on iOS

Brian Barnes ggadwa at charter.net
Wed Jan 25 11:47:07 PST 2012

iOS 5/llvm/clang 3.0, a static library, and the latest source as of 2 
days ago.

It's possible, in my fumbling around, that I made some other change to 
the build settings but I don't know what else would make that happen. 
Anybody that has better knowledge of that code can probably point out 
what or what not might have happened.

Hopefully, the end result of all this is some target -- recreated, 
remade, from somebody else, gets into the archive.

[>] Brian

On 1/25/2012 2:34 PM, Rolando Abarca wrote:
> Hi Brian,
> I didn't made that change, and so far I've successfully compiled JSC for
> iOS (running) with no problems. What SDK are you compiling againts?
> Rolando

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