[webkit-help] Looking for information on font-positioning of embedded fonts

Bill Williamson billhatesspam at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 19 11:42:21 PST 2012


I'm new to the webkit source code, and am looking for more specific information on exactly how fonts embedded with the @font-face attribute are positioned. I was unable to find anything useful in the archives.

- what font metrics from the actual font (ascent, descent, typo ascent, typo descent, etc..) are used, and how?
- where is the relevant code? I've found several references to libraries that I believe are related to font rendering (pango, skia, qt), and wanted to know where else I should look. I see some relevant code in RootInlineBox.cpp, for example.

I'm basically trying to come up with an exact formula for mapping the font's baseline or bounding box to the browsers screen. I'd really appreciate any advice that could get me started.

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