[webkit-help] Meaning of "Receiving" in debugger tools.

Lee Hambley lee.hambley at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 03:56:45 PST 2012

I'm struggling to diagnose a problem using Chrome, of a simple (trivial, one might say) web application.

And endeavoring to understand the meaning of the "Receiving" field on network transfers of AJAX requests, as there is no tooltip, and other debug tools (chiefly Firebug) don't register this time; I don't understand what it represents.

The request in question doesn't include a "Content-Lenght" response header ( I jut noticed none of my requests do), but here's the (Chrome) webkit debug tools:


For some reason (I can't understand) - the "Receiving" time is always around 5 seconds.

Thanks, (and I know this isn't a web-dev-help-list, but when I can't understand the output of the debug tools, nothing helps me)

- Lee Hambley 

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