[webkit-help] Styling issue with -expected.png files during svn_create_patch and fails on build bots.[Win-7/Cygwin]

Julien Chaffraix julien.chaffraix at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 22:06:57 PST 2012

Hi Sravan,

> Thanks for the response, but i have done that too. Infact i tried sneaking
> in to scripts responsible for creating the patch and applying the patch,
> following is my observation(which i have posted on
> https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=78684)

[snipped the explanation]

This sounds like a bug. I have seen some warnings using SVN when
gardening several weeks ago so it may not be only you.I haven't filed
a bug at the time and now I don't have the errors handy :(

That said I don't know how svn-create-patch works these days so it's
better to file a bug and get the relevant people to look into it.

> I just want to know if my cygwin settings are wrong? or svn configuration
> settings are wrong? or do i have to leave this and find an alternate method
> to upload the patch?.

If you have tried the previous link I send, I really don't enough svn
/ cygwin magic to help you.

> Initially i thought its a svn diff related problem but since everybody is
> uploading patches, i  am holding back on that assumption. i tried to look at
> change logs for some references on patch, but i found that almost all of
> them are using git diff, so it dint help me much.
> Can u please  suggest what is the alternative to upload the patch.

Using "Tools/Scripts/webkit-patch upload" would like lead to the same
error if it's lower level that our tools but it's worth a try.

Another alternative is using git.

If you are really hitting some bugs in our tool, just fixing them
would be your best course of actions. Make sure you get someone who
knows this to acknowledge the issue as I don't know what's going on.


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