[webkit-help] RTL Lang in older version of webkit

Jarek M barcode at o2.pl
Mon Aug 27 02:57:45 PDT 2012

Hello WebKit Geeks,

I'm working on a project that uses an older, modified webkit version (2009) - all
running on QNX. This webkit version uses modified skia to render graphics.

Recently, I ran into a little challenge. This version of WebKit does not
support arabic fonts and overall RTL languages. I integrated fribidi
(called it within TextRun class) to process the text. Things got better,
the arabic fonts got mirrored and combined RTL into words, and the words
RTL into sentences. The resulting text got drawn using Skia.  However, the
sentences still look like they are left justified. The spacing between the
words is incorrect or at least not the same when compared to safari or

So, I am wondering where is the problem. I understand fribidi is used to
perform text preprocessing (with a bidirectional algorithm). Does fribidi
take care of spacing?  Harfbuzz is an entire font shaping stack. Doest it
take care of bidirectional text? 

What would You recommend to use in case described? Fribidi + simply writing
the buffer using TextRun and somehow figuring out why is the sentence not
properly aligned or skip fribidi and use harfbuzz + skia? In that case, do
I need additional tools to use harfbuzz and skia together on QNX ? 
(freefont etc). I managed to compile harfbuzz to run on QNX however, I am
not sure if I need to use it in a first place. Well, if You have some
suggestions appreciated. I'm getting familiar with the webkit source, I see
already that the version I'm using is quite different, plenty of rewritten

Kind Regards,

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