[webkit-help] W7/Cygwin /dev/fs problems with WebCoreGenerated scripts

Jerry Evans jerry at NovaDSP.com
Sat Oct 22 10:53:52 PDT 2011

I cannot fathom this one out. I see errors like this:

cat: cannot open file 
/dev/fs/U/home/JEvans/WebKit/Source/WebCore/css/CSSValueKeywords.in: No 
such file or directory
No such file or directory

The files do exist, it seems that both cat and cp dislike the /dev/fs/u 
section of the path. Other part of the offending script use this form:

  cat /home/JEvans/WebKit/Source/WebCore/css/CSSValueKeywords.in > 

which works (!)

The questions that arise are:

1. Where are these command lines created? cannot see anything in the 
relevant WebCoreGenerated project files.
2. Do I need to do anything special in Cygwin to get it to recognize 
/dev/fs ?



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