[webkit-help] Background PNG decoding in WebKit

Stephen Mattison stephenmattison at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 18:39:19 PDT 2011

The problem I'm having is that it does not appear that PNGs are decoded in
the background in Webkit on iOS. Right now what I have is essentially a
ScrollView. I have a div the size of the viewport with another div that
scales with the content. I am scrolling the content div using a transition
and translate3d to achieve GPU acceleration. The scrolling looks great.
However the content is composed of images and they cannot all fit in memory
at once so I am loading them on demand. The problem arises when I set the
background-image css property to a locally stored PNG image and then attempt
to scroll. I get a noticeable delay/jerkiness/hiccup as the image is
decoded. Is there something I should be doing differently?
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