[webkit-help] How to add myself code to webkit project?

wenmhappy wenmhappy at 126.com
Mon Nov 14 05:13:32 PST 2011

      I want to add myself source file to webkit project such as webkitdialog.cpp to WebKit/gtk/webkit.  I edited GNUMakefile.am in top directory like below.
  webkitgtk_la_source += WebKit/gtk/webkit/webkitdialog.cpp
      The source file has been compiled and *.o has been generated, but there is link error which says undefined reference 'webkit_web_*' (a function defiened in webkitdialog.cpp and called in webkitwebview.cpp) in libwebkit_1*.so, i think webkitdialog.o will not be linked into libwebkit_1*.so.  Anything should be done to fix it?
Thanks for any help.
Best regards.
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