[webkit-help] How to render html without gui

Yen Ivan ivan.subscribes at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 18:52:40 PDT 2011

Sorry, forgot to reply to the mailing loop

2011/3/29 Yen Ivan <ivan.subscribes at gmail.com>

> I am using mips cross compile to build wkhtmltopdf library and the building
> is OK.
> The embedded Qt (4.6) on my platform links to directfb but not x11 and to
> the low level graphic engine.
> I can run wkhtmltopdf/image binary and also using its examples on my
> platform but not successfully get the output image.
> It seems that the Qt requires to allocate resources from directfb but no
> resource available (used by my system).
> So I'm wondering is there a way to direct rendering html to a buffer
> without interference with any gui stuff of Qt, and
> then I can use my way to transfer the raw data in the buffer to whatever
> format that I want.
> I'll read more careful of the document "How to get help effectively" then.
> Thanks for the comments.
> Ivan
> 2011/3/29 Ariya Hidayat <ariya.hidayat at gmail.com>
>> > Recently I've tried wkhtmltopdf/image to render a html to am image file,
>> and
>> > it worked fine on x11 platform but not for embedded Qt webkit.
>> You have to more specific in describing your problem, what did you
>> mean by "not for embedded Qt webkit"? Is it not working at all? Or you
>> can't build it? And what steps have you already done to troubleshoot
>> your problems?
>> Also which embedded platform are you targeting? There are a million
>> combinations out there and it's impossible to know which one (I
>> recently lost my crystal ball...).
>> Please kindly read http://bit.ly/webkit-gethelp if you have not done so.
>> --
>> Ariya Hidayat
>> http://www.linkedin.com/in/ariyahidayat
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