[webkit-help] WebKit2's thread-safety

Nick Guenther Nick.Guenther at dossierview.com
Wed Mar 23 11:53:52 PDT 2011

Hello webkit@,

For the project I'm working on I'm running WebKit2 on Windows. I have it spinning up fine, but if I spin up multiple WebKit windows on multiple GUI threads I get alternately segfaults, null returns from WKContextCreate(), and sometimes everything working fine *except right click*. Windows supports having an arbitrary number of message loops running at once, and if I comment out the calls that instantiate webkit windows into my host windows the host windows run fine, so I'm looking to thread-safety in WebKit2 as the culprit. Does it exist?

I found http://webkit.sed.hu/blog/20110120/webkit2-memory-consumption-process-models-vol-1 which seems to imply that indeed, no, WebKit2 is meant to be run on one gui thread at a time (at least, within a single process), but if I could get a clear pointer to somewhere that says NO THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE my life would be simplified ever so much.

Thanks in advance,
-Nick Guenther

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