[webkit-help] Revision 88076 causes compile error 'maxTokenLength' : undeclared identifier

Anthony Johnson anthony.johnson at flexsim.com
Wed Jun 29 15:34:56 PDT 2011

I'm building on the WinCairo port, debug configuration.
When I updated to the latest revision (I've probably been a month or so
without an update), I now get a compile error in Lexer.cpp:

..\..\parser\Lexer.cpp(411) : error C2065: 'maxTokenLength' : undeclared
..\..\parser\Lexer.cpp(1093) : see reference to function template
instantiation 'JSC::JSTokenType
JSC::Lexer::parseIdentifier<false>(JSC::JSTokenData *,unsigned int,bool)'
being compiled

It appears these changes were part of revision 88076 on June 3. Any ideas
what the issue is and how I fix it?

Anthony Johnson
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