[webkit-help] KeyboardEvent ?

Julien Chaffraix julien.chaffraix at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 08:12:13 PDT 2011

[Please don't cross post on webkit-dev, this is not a question about
developing WebKit itself]

>  How the KeyboardEvent are managed ?

That's a broad question that basically involves a lot of code. Here is
a bird's view.

The native events are received by the application using WebKit from
whichever framework you are using. The application will call an API
inside the WebKit layer so that the event is dispatched inside WebKit.
As part of the API call, the event is converted to an abstracted
platform event (for KeyboardEvent it would be PlatformKeyboardEvent).
The API will then call the EventHandler of the focused frame with the
platform event. The EventHandler will dispatch the event inside the
DOM. MouseEvent follows a similar pattern.

> i can see WebkitDOMMouseEvent.cpp but i
> don't see keyevent ...

There is no WebkitDOMMouseEvent in WebKit. There are some
WebDOMMouseEvent which are API port-specific representation of an

Hope it helps,

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