[webkit-help] Reg.Memory leak in the webkit...

Vicky Tux ssseintr2 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 06:28:38 PDT 2011

I am using webkit[webkit-r86784] on STLinux platform, with cairo graphics.
We have 50 MB in the heap,If I use the webkit for 10-15 minutes in "
http://www.flicker.com" only. At that time webkit  nearly 42 MB is used from
heap. the some amount memory only freed when go to next websites like google
and the some amount of memory is freed when exit from browser.But still ~25
MB not freed even exit from the browser.

Similarly webkit consume lot of memory[nearlly 40~45 MB] when enter into the
orkut. lot memory is not freed even exit from browser.

So unable to use the webkit more than 15 minuts.

This type of memory leak issue is a biggest issue in the Embedded Platforms.

Please provide the any  patches available for this issues.

So, Please help me to solve this problem.

Note :1.I'm running Webkit with 8 Mb of Cache
         2.We are working on embedded platfrom so we have the limited

Thanks & Regards,
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