[webkit-help] Windows port depends on Safari?

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@Nick Guenther


Firstly there are two ports for Windows
1. Apple's Window Port (Default)
2. Cairo's Window Port

Main Difference Apple's port is dependent on CoreGraphics for graphics,
CoreNetworks for networking, CoreFoundation for datatype definition, IPC etc
which are proprietary Apple Software.
Whereas Cairo Port is the Open Source version of the same it replaces
CoreGraphics with Cairo as their Graphics Library CoreNetworks with libcurl
and CoreFoundation with CFLite

To build on Cairo you required to append --wincairo to the build command I
presume to built Apple one

If you are using "WebKit.exe" from bin then it requires Safari to be
installed on the PC and you need to place all the dependent DLL's (besides
WebKit.dll and JavascriptCore.dll) at the same location where your
executable resides These DLL's can be found in "C:\Program Files\Common
Files\Apple\Apple Application Support"

You could also look into two projects "MiniBrowser" and "WinLauncher".
WinLauncher is an independent browser which you can use to test out your new
build. I assume MiniBrowser too

@Adam Roben
On Apple's Window Port I do get the support for GeoLocation (10/10) for
WinLauncher. So currently my browser ranks 224 on the html5 test it's only
missing WebGL and MicroData and perhaps a couple of others.Rest is fine

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>I'm trying to deploy a small app on top of WebKit on Windows 7. I've built
it fine, and figured out that I need:
>WebKitBuild\Release\bin\WebKit2WebProcess.exe (I'm using WK2)
>And nothing screams if I leave out the other two DLLs that come with the
build (InjectedBundle.dll and QTMovieWin.dll). It runs fine on my dev
machine (which has Safari installed) but when I move it it complains "The
application cannot start [this is actually a lie, it starts fine it just
hits this when it tries to load DLL] because ___.dll is missing" where ___
is one of several things in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Apple
Application Support.
>Okay, fine, so I copied all the DLLs it wanted in but then, then it says
"WebKit.dll". What is going on, is there a circular dependency?
>Is Windows webkit intimately tied to having Safari installed? I'd like to
avoid having to install a whole application just to make a library work. How
does WebKit even find these DLLs?
http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/registered_dll_view.html doesn't list any of
them as being known to Windows, is the Common Files\Apple\... path hardcoded
>Any small pointer could be enough for me to figure it out, so thanks in
advance for any tips anyone can share,
>-Nick Guenther

Mr. Nimish Nayak
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