[webkit-help] Webkit on Windows Cairo Port

Adam Roben aroben at apple.com
Sat Feb 12 09:33:30 PST 2011

On Feb 12, 2011, at 7:32 AM, Nimish Nayak wrote:

> I successfully built webkit (cairo's Windows Port). I faced a few issues while Building webkit primarily linking issues but thanks to Adam Roben who guided me that Microsoft Visual Studios 2005 Express Edition fails to link to the standard libraries sometimes so its best to include them . So adding these libraries solved the issue and webkit was successfully built.
> I now face mainly these issues
> 1) There is Apple's Windows Port and Cairo's Windows Port But i dont know much about these two . How one is different from another basically one is using apple proprietary software and other is on open sourced versions but i wanted to know more in detail. Can someone guide me in this respect.

Apple's Windows port is used by Safari. It depends on Apple-specific technologies such as CoreGraphics, QuickTime, etc.

The Cairo/libcurl/CFLite port is not used by any browser. Brent Fulgham is the de facto maintainer of the port, and I believe his employer uses it. It is not as fleshed out as Apple's Windows port, but seems to meet Brent's needs.

> 2) I have compiled using the Source found in the nightly's ie. WebKit r78038 But on the Webkit.org site under getting the source they are recommending http://nightly.webkit.org/files/WebKit-SVN-source.tar.bz2 which is 900 MB as compared to the previous 16 MB one.? So did i compile the right one ?

The latter file is a full Subversion working directory (i.e., it contains all the .svn directories from a Subversion checkout). It's meant for bootstrapping your own Subversion checkout. It shouldn't matter which one you use for building.

> 3)I am using WinLauncher which is the test browser for trying out my new build, by setting it as the active project if i want to extend the JavaScript using JSCore Extensions then am i supposed to do it in VS2005 (with other projects) or can i just copy the folders in tools\ and obj\ and save it separately in another drive and compile it.?

I'm not sure I understand this question.


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