[webkit-help] Access Violation at wincario and WebKit.NET

Kunio Yamazaki yamazaki at fusenetwork.co.jp
Mon Dec 19 18:34:14 PST 2011

Hi Everyon,

(2011/12/16 13:13), Kunio Yamazaki wrote:
> I'm check out the r102660, was built.
> I was successful, was made to incorporate running into WebKit.NET,
> an access violation has occurred as before.

Access violation has occurred at WebKitBrowserTest.exe is
Cairo.dll was changed to being distributed in GTK+, has been resolved.

However, the cairo.dll of GTK+, but that requires a FreeType6.dll,
In FreeType6.dll, you do not see a problem in Japanese italics.

Therefore, I do not need to use the cairo.dll FreeType6.dll,
But, cairo.dll of webkit and I build has an access violation occurs.

To build a cairo.dll, if you know what is more,
Please help me.

Yours sincerely


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