[webkit-help] WebKit.exe failure

Chris Waldron christy.waldron at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 16:39:09 PST 2011

Ok,  It appears that my build may have been correct after all and the 
problem is WebKit.exe.  I assumed that these applications are used to 
verify the build.  So when I got failures I assumed the build was broken 
but that may not be the case.  It took a while to figure out a 
workaround -- WebKit.NET.

WebKit.NET is the .NET wrapper for WebKit and I know for a fact that 
WebKit.NET works having used it myself recently.  You can find 
WebKit.NEt on SourceForge and you can download both the binary and the 
source.  In addition I recommend downloading DependancyWalker to inspect 
dll entrypoints (another useful tool is dumpbin.exe to verify lib file 

Ok so here's what I did to verify my build using WebKit.NET:

[1] Download both source & binary of WebKit.NET
[2] Use Dependancy Walker (depends.exe) to inspect the exports of the 
objc.dll from WebKit.Net
       Here I noticed that the exports are exactly the same as the one 
from my build.
       I then subsitituded the build version of objc.dll with the one 
from WebKit.NET and confirmed that WebKit.exe still fails. Which it did!
       This means is that the build may actually be valid.

[3] The final step now is to rebuild WebKit clean and use WebKit.NET to 
verify the build using WebKitBrowserTest of WebKit.NET.

Running WebKit.exe threw me off as it was indicating that my build was 
flawed when actually there is a problem is WebKit.exe looking for 
exports that are not exported in objc.dll.


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