[webkit-help] WebKit.exe failure

Chris Waldron christy.waldron at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 12:56:49 PST 2011

After getting a clean build of WebKit and attempting to run WebKit.exe 
the application reports a missing export in objc.dll.

The missing export is objc_initializeClassPair.

I noticed that in the objc project, part of WinCairoRequirments and 
fortunately comes with a vsproj file, it doesn't export this method.  
Also I noticed that there are TWO such methods:  one in 
objc-runtime-new.m and one in objc-runtime-old.m.  After spending some 
time futzing with this, I was able to export the one in objc-runtime-old.m

So I guessing here that the method defined in objc-runtime-old is the 
candidate that WebKit.exe is looking for.  Once I got passed that 
problem WebKit.exe now reports a missing entry for 
objc_setAssociatedObject. The problem now is that while there is a 
prototype for this method in runtime.h, I cannot find the implementation?!

How can this be?  I did a search throughout all the solutions in 
WinCairoRequirements and I can't find the implementation.  So does 
anyone out here know where I can find the implemention of this method or 
can post it here or send it to me.  I presume I'll also have this same 
problem with objc_getAssociatedObject and objc_removeAssociatedObject as 


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