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If I had to guess, I'd say that the libraries that you compiled against don't match what is in the Apple Application Support directory.  From what I can tell on 08/15 WebKit switched the libraries in the build tree to correspond to those that ship with Safari 5.1 and won't work with those installed with Safari 5.0.x.

You could test by taking one variable out of the equation.  You could grab a nightly from WebKit.org and see if webkit.exe will run with the Safari that you currently have installed.  If it does, then update your build tree to the level of the webkit nightly and rebuild.  Now you know that run-safari should work.  And if it doesn't, then it is likely something with your build setup.


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Hi Choudry,

Even I also faced the same problem.Alternate could be to set the WinLauncher to start up project  in VS and  start debugging.It works for me. 

On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 11:20 AM, bala choudry <bala.choudry at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi,    i have installed all development tools for building webkit and when i tried to execute the program as run-safari using Cygwin in debug mode it says as 

Administrator at ss ~
$ WebKit/Tools/Scripts/run-safariCan't exec "/home/Administrator/WebKit/WebKitBuild/Debug/bin/WebKit.exe": No such file or directory at /home/Administrator/WebKit/Tools/Scripts/webkitdirs.pm

line 1957.
After setting up default configuration to release mode and again executed the same scripts as $ WebKit/Tools/Scripts/run-safariit gives a warning message as 

"Your copy of safari is missing important software resources.please reinstall safari"
what should i do now... please  reply me as soon as possible

With regardsBala Choudry. R


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