[webkit-help] Various questions

Michal Mazurek akfaew at jasminek.net
Mon Aug 8 23:30:56 PDT 2011


I'm using webkit with gtk. I've run into a couple of problems I can't
figure out. Please help.

I want to show the progress of downloads. I do that by calling
webkit_download_get_status() on all active downloads. Is there a way to
be notified after the current_size of any download has changed?

Is there a way to not allow pages to capture keys, but without disabling
java script completely?

After a page is loaded, can I modify its content prior to it being

Can I traverse all links or input fields and focus on one, without the
use of java script?

I can't seem to get the scroll bars to disappear. I tried setting the
policy to GTK_POLICY_NEVER with gtk_scrolled_window_set_policy() but to
no effect. How can I disable all scrollbars completely?

After I open file:/// a very ugly page is displayed. It also has "OMG!"
in the title. Can I modify this page?

Michal Mazurek

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