[webkit-help] How could I know how many webViews are opend?

ChangSeok Oh kevin.cs.oh at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 18:59:35 PDT 2011

Hello. everyone.
I have tried to make a testcase for bug56682.
To verify my patch. I should know the way how many webView are opened.

As I know, I could get the count of window opened using by 'layoutTestController.windowCount'.
It seems to work fine on GTK port but not Mac port.

If a link is opened in new window, windowCount works fine. 
But if it's opened in new Tab, windowsCount doesn't work as I expect.

For example, let's say that one window which has one link is opened.
If I open link in new window, then windowCount returns '2', no problem.
Otherwise I open link in new tab, then windowCount returns just '1'. 
I thinks 'layoutTestController.windowCount' doesn't return number of  webView.
It just seems to count number of window. (Right?)

Somebody let me know how I could get webView count, please.
Is there another interface to get this?

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