[webkit-help] Updated our WebKit version, now problems with inherited (virtual) methods in our projects using the WebKit

Kimmo Saarinen eekisa at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 23:04:48 PDT 2011


I'm having problems in porting the following projects (From Symbian
Foundation's PDK 3.0.4):

to work with a WebKit version from October 2010 that we have received from
source X who has ported it to compile on Symbian Foundation's PDK 3.0.4 (our
source no longer exists :( )
The WebKit version that the Symbian Foundation holds can be found from here:

Anyway the old WebKit that the SF's PDK had was using KJS namespace and
among other changes the new WebKit is using JSC namespace. I have changed
the WidgetEngine and Device to use the JSC namespace but I have now noticed
that the actual implementation of the WebKit has changed a lot. The problems
that I currently have are as follows.
1. The WidgetEngine's Look up tables hold read only variables mixed with
functions. See
I'm using the create_hash_table from the new WebKit to create the .lut.h
files but it seems that with the new WebKit the Functions and Variables
would need to be separated to different Hash tables. Am I correct?
2. The JSValue* JSMenu::getValueProperty(KJS::ExecState* exec, int token)
const inherited from JSObject (it used to be there) does lo longer exists in
the new WebKit. How should this same functionality be implemeted with the
new WebKit? See

3. The bool JSMenu::getOwnPropertySlot(ExecState* exec, const Identifier&
propertyName, PropertySlot& slot) inherited from JSObject does exists in the
JSObject with the new WebKit. But now after looking at the current
implementation in the Menu.cpp I can see that the way it has been implemeted
there will not work with the new WebKit. Mainly because the new WebKit does
not have method setStaticEntry(this, entry, staticValueGetter<JSMenu>); in
the PropertySlot class. Any advice how to implement this?
4. The void JSMenu::put(ExecState *exec, const Identifier &propertyName,
JSValue *value, int attr) inherited from JSObject does exists in the same
form in the JSObject with the NewKit. If you look at the implementation of
this put method in
you have some advice how this same functionality should be implemented with
the new WebKit's methods?
5. The JSValue* JSMenuFunc::callAsFunction(ExecState *exec, JSObject
*thisObj, const List &args) inherited from JSObject does no longer exists on
the JSObject with the new WebKit. Please see
there some other way that is now replacing the callAsFunction implementation
in the new WebKit?

Help is really, really appreciated as I have been looking at this for some
time and I cannot get over this? I have been trying to look at WebKit
documentation and source codes for help but have unfortunately failed to
find any clues. Thanking you all in advance.

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