[webkit-help] Use MathML WebKit-like on iPhone

Tim scriptedsheepdevelopment at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 15 12:55:47 PDT 2010

Hej folks,

I'm really into iPhone-Development right now and reached a point I can't really get further. So I do need your help :) I want to display mathematical expressions in an UIWebView (Apples iPhone Browser class...should implement some of WebKit). Unfortunatly Apples WebKit trash does not really support MathML jet which forced me to use some CSS files I found on the web. They do help me in some cases but in others the way the expressions are displayed is still really messy. When I'm taking the MathML-Code I wrote to a local HTML-File and open it with the WebKit-Browser the expressions looks quite cool...But how can I reach this goal on iPhone? In fact I checked the latest trunk build an found the mathml.css in trunk > WebCore > CSS...So I tried using this one but still does not work...in trunk > WebCore there is another folder named MathML containing some source-code files. As far as I was able to get through this the formulas are rendered somehow...can I use this on iPhone? Got any ideas to solve this via CSS or something like this because I would prefer this approach? 
Thanks in advance!

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