[webkit-help] make non focusable node focusable

Yael.Aharon at nokia.com Yael.Aharon at nokia.com
Wed Oct 6 05:26:25 PDT 2010

   Another option for making an element focusable is to use the tabindex attribute.
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   On 06.10.2010 6:21, Anurag Dak wrote:
   > Thanks for the prompt reply
   > Actually i want to set focus to the elements node which are registered
   > with the event like "onMouseup" and not focusable .
   > Ex:
   > <div onClick = "call()">Call the Function </div>
   > i want to make this div keyboard focusable. If it is possible through
   > some API in webkit. please suggest me.
   > But in webkit core, not in HTMLJS using tabindex. that means i dont want
   > to modify the page source, i just need to change the interpretation in
   > webkit.
   Keyboard focus is for entering text.  You cannot enter text into plain 
   <div>, so that's really unlikely to be possible.
   Why do you need this?  Can't you use contentEditable="true" for the div?
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